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How to plant garlic?

It is planted in dry and loose soils during the winter season, from November to February. And it is harvested approximately from June when the leaves of the plant begin to dry out. Garlic is an easy plant to grow, everywhere in the garden, like a simple pot on the balcony.


Garlic, already known by the ancient Egyptians, is a genuine concentrate of healthy virtues. Here are the most important: it regulates blood pressure, is a natural antibiotic against gastrointestinal diseases, lowers “bad” cholesterol and triglycerides, has an anti-tumor function, and contains 400 curative components.

Growing garlic in pots, at home, or on the balcony is an effortless operation requiring little space and care. In particular, garlic is planted in autumn, and a clove, absolutely organic and untreated, is enough to start cultivation. The ideal period is from October to March: October in regions with temperate climates and March in areas with more rigid climates.


Garlic is a plant known since ancient times for its healing properties. We find it in the Egyptian papyri, in ancient Rome, and China as a medicine. Taking garlic is recommended for those people who have problems with hypertension, colds, and respiratory diseases. It also helps fight infections as it is an absolute natural antibacterial. In addition, it thins the blood and lowers blood pressure by promoting diuresis.


After discovering the benefits of garlic to our body, we have the right reasons to start its cultivation. First of all, we advise you to contact a nursery to indicate which type of garlic is most suitable according to your area of ​​belonging. It is also acceptable to start with garlic bought at the supermarket as long as it is organic and untreated.

Garlic does not need a particular pot or soil like other plants, but we know that it does not tolerate water stagnation, so it is good that they never form. Plant your cloves (cloves of garlic) with all the peel, 5 cm deep, spacing them about 15/20 cm from each other. These will immediately give the seedling, which also makes a lovely and colorful flower. Water twice a week until summer.


The garlic is ready when the green stems turn yellow and dry, usually in the middle of summer. At that point, it is possible to extract it from the earth and leave it to dry outdoors for a few more weeks until the outer shell of the cloves will not have become of the consistency of the paper. At this point, you have to clean it from the soil and use it in the kitchen.


The garlic is kept in a perforated container, possibly in a cool and dry place. Alternatively, make some braids: beautiful to look at and practical to store.


Garlic is a product of excellence of Italian agriculture, so woe to waste it by purchasing similar products from China. In particular, in our country, there are three varieties of garlic. White: the strongest of all, and also the one with the greatest concentration of natural properties. Red: slightly spicy, which you can use in all plants where a spicy flavor requires. Pink: this instead is a very delicate and aromatic quality.

Virtually every Italian region has its garlic, complete with a trademark of controlled origin, as a guarantee of its specificity. We remember three, based on the different colors. The best white garlic is that of the province of Naples, harvested on the day of Sant’Antonio (13 June) and left to dry until the anniversary of San Giovanni (21 June). As for red garlic, the one to prefer comes from the Sulmona area, where there is one of the few varieties of garlic with flowers. Finally, pink garlic: the best grown in Vessalico, in Liguria.

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