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How to make iced tea?

In the summer, before the sun rises, drive with your lover in the wilderness, waiting for the sunrise, and enjoying the tranquility before the dawn. The evening, listening to soothing music with your lover, watching the sunset in the car, let the music take away the fatigue of the day, and enjoy simple happiness. In this article, we read about How to make iced tea?

Food is also delightful: a large cup of delicious iced tea instantly replenishes moisture, takes away the day’s fatigue, and makes the hot summer day end with coolness, which is refreshing. The clinking of ice cubes against the cup and the bubbly drink make up my summer. I hope you will fall in love with this moment as much as I do.

The usual mode of making iced tea is as follows:

Tea (black tea, green tea, herbal tea) + vanilla/spices + a citrus juice + favorite fresh juice + suitable freezing time.

Next, I will introduce three commonly used methods of making iced tea. You can also create different iced teas according to your personal preference.

In addition: if you make tea at home, you can do hot soaking and cold-soaking. The amount of tea is the same in the two ways. Cold soaking can be used to mix a variety of flavors, and you can better appreciate the subtle differences in food taste. Cold soaking is more suitable for making green tea iced tea. If you want to make iced tea quickly, the most common way is to steep it, add honey, and add ice.

Home-made healthy iced tea mode: two modes of hot steeping and cold steeping (exclusive secret technique, look down patiently‚ėü)

Note: The following includes the basic framework of raw materials, and three specific methods (both hot soaking and cold-soaking are included)

Basic materials:

  1. Six spoons of tea leaves or 5-6 bags of tea
  2. Fresh herbs, fruits and whole vanilla pods
  3. Take 1/4-1/2 cup of a citrus juice you like
  4. 1/4-1/3 cup of liquid honey (agave nectar, raw honey, sugar maple syrup, single syrup)
  5. Ice (you need ice if you use hot water)

Recipe 1 – Strawberry Vanilla Iced Black Tea

Black tea is like the mineral power in nature. It is rich in electrolytes. I like to have a cup when the weather gets hot.

Raw material

  1. Black tea leaves or 5-6 sachets of tea leaves;
  2. Destemmed slices of 4 strawberries;
  3. 1/4 vanilla bean pod;
  4. A glass of lemon juice;
  5. 1/4 cup of agave nectar (can be added as appropriate according to personal taste).

Recipe 2 – Lemon Vanilla Mint Lime Iced Green Tea

Very refreshing, with a touch of caffeine stimulation and antioxidants, everything you love in summer is in this cup of green iced tea.

Raw material

  1. Six tablespoons of green tea leaves or 5-6 bags of green tea;
  2. A section of lemongrass, cut in half, and use the back of a knife to break into pieces;
  3. Two sprigs of mint, mint leaves removed;
  4. Juice two limes;
  5. 1/4 cup of raw honey.

Recipe 3 – Lemon Vanilla Mint Lime Iced Green Tea

Men’s crazy love for sweet tea is like a love for healthy competition-from Terry Bryant’s “Fantastic Recipe” book.

Raw material

  1. Six tablespoons of Sri Lankan citrus black tea or 5-6 tea bags;
  2. A large slice of cinnamon, broken into two halves;
  3. Juice one orange;
  4. Juice a lemon;
  5. 1/3 thick agave nectar.

The next step is the exclusive secret! Please accept

  • Hot soaking method:

1: Put tea, juice, and vanilla/all spices into a large pitcher that will not react with food;

2: Pour two cups of hot water on it;

3: Add citrus juice and honey juice, stir and mix;

4: Soak (green tea for two minutes, black tea for 3-5 minutes, Sri Lanka citrus black tea, and Rooibos black tea for more than five minutes);

5: Filter out all tea and spices;

6: Pour the soaked honey tea back to the jug;

7: Pour a liter of honey tea with ice;

8: Stir and cool. Start to enjoy.

  • Cold soaking method:

1: Put tea, juice, and vanilla/all spices into a large pitcher that will not react with food;

2: Add one liter of water;

3: Cover the lid, put it in the refrigerator, and soak slowly overnight;

4: Filter out all the tea and spices in the morning;

5: Pour the soaked tea back into the jug;

6: If you need to add honey or maple syrup, put the honey in 1/4 cup of boiling water, stir and melt, and add it to the soaked tea. Other honey can be melted directly in iced tea (like agave nectar and single syrup);

7: Add citrus juice, stir to mix, and enjoy.

The water consumption and the amount of tea used for cold brewing are not as strict as those for hot water. Although the aroma is not as strong as hot water brewing, the throat rhyme is not worse than that of hot brewing tea. In this hot summer, a cup of fragrant cold brewing tea is not inferior to hot water to quench your thirst, and it is enough to dispel your heat.

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