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How to draw beautiful lips! Complete master of how to apply

When drawing a girl, if you can draw your lips plumply and cutely, that alone will greatly enhance your charm. This time we will thoroughly explain how to draw lips. Let’s master the tips of how to apply and improve the charm of the girl.

The shape of the lips is easy to create a three-dimensional effect when captured by the corners.

Observe the shape of your lips before applying. Since the lips are soft and soft, it is easy to catch them with curves, but it is easier to be aware of the three-dimensional effect if you catch them with the corners.

Remember that there are two Mt. Fuji-like shapes on the top and bottom. The center is not as visible as the upper lip, but the lower lip is also slightly dented. If you feel a little soft, the three-dimensional effect will increase.

If you apply it like make-up on your lips, it will give you a more three-dimensional effect.

Pruned lips greatly enhance the attractiveness of girls. However, if you apply it sticky, it will look like you have applied lipstick on an exaggeration, so let’s apply it carefully as if you were applying make-up with a blur.

After drawing your lips, apply a light color softly. The trick is to put it softly so that it has a melting gradation.

Then shape it with an eraser. I want to keep the gradation of the lower lip as it is, so I can shape it only in the upper lip and mouth.

Put a little dark pink on it. The trend of current makeup is to make the center darker and make it a gradation, so the point is to put it only in the center like Maro’s mouth.

Blur softly with the blur tool.

Layer darker red on the edge.

And it will be blurred again, but after all it should be concentrated in the center. The image of the upper lip is slightly darker. Be careful not to blur and spread the color too much.

I will give a glossy feeling. Place white on the edges of your lips.

I will blur it carefully. If it is too blurred and the glossy shape disappears, you can add more gloss from above.

Then turn on the light. Make the light source shine on the most raised part of the lips.

Finally, blur it to the extent that the shape of the light does not collapse, and you’re done!

Various lip colors! Let’s paint according to age and personality: How to draw lips

Lips with various color variations. It is also possible to express the character’s individuality by painting according to the character’s age and personality.

Red system: How to draw lips

It’s a recent trend color. Fashionable teens to 20s and young characters in their 30s can give a fashionable impression by using red lips.

Orange: How to draw lips

An orange type that can give a lively impression. If you use it for active and masculine girls in their teens to early 20s, the atmosphere will improve. You can also use it for a neutral boy’s lip color if you desaturate it a little and make it conservative.


A pink color greatly improves the cute impression. It’s also natural, so it can use not only for cute children but also for neat children. It is recommended to use it for characters in their teens to 20s.


Beige, which gives the most natural impression, is great for adult girls in their 20s and adult women in their 30s and up. You can also use it when you want to express a teenage girl without makeup because it also has no makeup.

Violet system

Violet systems can give a cool and mysterious impression. If you use it for mysterious women in their late 20s to 30s, it will be more attractive. It is also good to use it for fantasy characters such as demons and witches.


Plump and glossy lips make girls attractive by themselves. Carefully blur and reapply as if you were making up.

Trends change from time to time, so if you are particular about it, you should change the way of blurring and layering colors according to the fashion at that time.

It was a useful way to apply lips to show the character’s individuality.
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