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How to start a speech?

Have you heard the expression “the first impression is what counts”? It also applies in speeches. The beginning of our intervention will determine its success because in the first 10 seconds of the speech the audience decides whether or not they will listen to you. In the following article, we get to know about How to start a speech? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Capturing the attention of the public is the objective we pursue when we give a speech to a specific audience. But how do we get our listeners to pay attention from minute one? With a captivating beginning of speech that motivates them to continue paying attention to what we say.

Start a captivating speech

There is no specific way to start the speeches, it will depend on various aspects such as the purpose of the speech, the type of speech and the target audience that will listen to our intervention. But we are going to review different ways of getting listeners’ interest aroused:

1. Anecdote

Starting a speech with something that happened to us can be a great way to start the message. The anecdote does not have to be directly related to the topic of the speech, it can be about how we got to the auditorium or something that happened to us when we arrived in the city. We can bring our listeners to our ground with personal information.

2. Story based on real facts

Another very interesting way to start a speech is by telling a story. The story can be the beginning of the problem/result of the speech. If the mechanisms of the narrative are used, we will be able to arouse interest. We can turn the speech into a movie that the viewer wants to know how it ends.

3. Question

Throwing a question to the public to ask the subject is perfect to engage the audience. If the question is also challenging, we will get the intrigue and acceptance of the receiver. Everyone will begin to think about the answer and without realizing it they will be waiting for our speech.

4. Problem

Have you thought about structuring the speech as a problem/solution? If so, it is best to start the speech with a dilemma, a challenge, or even a concern. The public will be eager to know what happens.

5. Famous phrase

It is quite common to start a speech with a famous quote, but, to have a true appeal to the audience, it will have to be related to the topic and be inspirational. If we use very hackneyed famous phrases we will not be able to arouse the interest of the public but to bore them because it is something predictable.

6. Shocking statement

We can use shocking statistical data or some statement that is impossible to believe. The key is to awaken the interest of the public, to question the veracity of the data.

If when we start a speech we talk about ourselves, we create empathy with the public, which causes them to pay more attention to us. If the audience of our talk sees us as equals, they will even ask questions at the end of the speech or approach us at the end of the speech.

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