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How To Open A Coconut?

We cannot deny the fact that coconuts are delicious and versatile food. Those are particularly beneficial when eaten fresh. Most people may shy away from buying a whole coconut because they assume that it may require a drill, hacksaw, and other tools to open one. Luckily, you can now open a coconut with the things that you possibly hold in your home. 

Burning the coconut in your stove helps bend it enough that you can whack it upon a firm surface to break it open. If you do not have an oven, a mere mall or stick can help split the coconut. As you have it OPEN, you only require a sharp knife and peeler to release the coconut peel – so it gets ready to eat. Below we have shared some steps, helping you know how to open a coconut easily at home!

Method 1: Draining the Coconut

It is the easiest way to open the coconut up without any hurdles. Here are the steps of how to drain the coconut!

  • Punch a hole at the peak of the coconut. At the head of the coconut, there exist three eyes or sections. One of these is the most delicate, so utilize a knife to jab each one. Once you spot the eye that allows the sharp stick to enter it, try to poke it to build a ½-inch (1.27-cm) hole. 
  • Tilt the coconut down over a glass. It is time to collect the water present inside the coconut. For this, you will need a bowl and nothing else. Set the coconut upside down over it – so the hole you have poked gets directly over the glass. 
  • Let the coconut drain completely. Once you have placed the coconut upside forward over the bowl, let it rest for many minutes until all of the water drains out. With the help of a knife, you can easily open it by going from the middle to the end. 

Method 2: Use the Oven to Open the Coconut

Suppose you find it hard to open the coconut even after draining the water. You can go for method two that is the oven. 

  • Preheat your oven. Now, to use heat energy to open the coconut, it’s essential to make sure your oven is warm. We suggest you set the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees) and let it get heated.
  • Put the coconut on a stencil and bake it for at least minutes. Place the drained coconut on a baking foil, and arrange it in your oven. Let the coconut cook for about 10 minutes or until you see a rift evolve over the shell.
  • Now, fetch out the coconut and cover it in a towel. While the coconut has begun to crack, switch off the baking foil from the oven. Let it cool, then wrap it in a cloth or kitchen towel.

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Method 3: Open the Coconut with a Mallet

Now, it is time to break the coconut down into pieces!

  • Put the coconut in a bag and use a mallet to hit it. With the coconut wrapped in the cloth, make it tightly closed.
  • Once you do so, whack the mallet against the coconut several times till you feel it split into pieces.
  • Now, take the coconut out of the hard peels and serve.

End Words

So, readers, these are the easy and quick ways to open a coconut without any problems!



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