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How to make soft boiled eggs?


How to make soft boiled eggs. Depending on your tastes or what you need to prepare, you can cook hard-boiled eggs at different times. Opt for soft-boiled eggs for a mouthwatering breakfast or brunch; choose the Barsotti for excellent bruschetta; finally, hard-boiled eggs for salads or integrate them as an element of the recipe.

How to make soft boiled eggs. A recommendation: always choose super fresh and quality eggs. Here is all for you my tutorial on:


The expression ” as easy as boiling an egg ” is not as accurate as of the exaggerated ” I don’t even know how to boil an egg ” to say that you cannot cook, do you know why? Because in reality, it is not at all obvious to cook an egg well.

They cook in 6-7 minutes in boiling water if you prefer them soft, 8-9 minutes if you want them very firm.


First of all, evaluate the freshness of the egg: never forget this step! That said, the method we all follow is to dip the eggs in cold water and calculate 7-8-9 minutes from boiling, then let the egg cool and peel it.

However, if you have also happened to not get the proper cooking, not to understand if the water is boiling or not, to eliminate a lot of egg white together with the shell, then you cannot miss these tricks to have perfect hard-boiled eggs:

  • Boiling water: if you immerse the egg in water that is already burning rather than still cold, first of all, you will have no doubts about when to start calculating the cooking time. Furthermore, the egg white proteins will coagulate in a more resistant way, contributing to smooth shelling. By dipping it gently and gradually with a spoon, the egg will not shatter, trust me!
  • Salt: the eggshell is very porous and consequently has high absorbency. Season the water with a bit of salt, and your egg will be tastier too. The same applies if you decide to put vinegar or vegetable broth.
  • Cooking times: since the water is already hot, the usual 8 minutes of cooking are reduced to 5-7. Do not cook it for too long. Otherwise, the water contained in the yolk and egg white will reduce excessively and make them chewy.
  • Ice water: as it is used to do for vegetables, an excellent method to stop the cooking of the egg is to immerse it as soon as it is ready in a basin of icy water
  • Shell: this is the most annoying phase of all, but if you follow these tips and wait for the egg to be very cold, you will shell it very quickly.


How many times has it happened to me to immerse the egg and see the shell crack, with all the egg white that comes out then inexorably! Whether you follow the advice to boil them in already hot or still cold water, here’s a trick to keep the shell intact. All you need is a thumbtack. Stick it into the widest part of the egg, very gently but firmly, and then put the egg to cook. In this way, you release the internal pressure that is generated once it is cooked! Then proceed normally.


Sometimes I go crazy while shelling a hard-boiled egg. I go crazy. It shatters into a thousand pieces. The albumen drag behind. The film remains attached to the albumen. What a nuisance! Here’s how to do it in the blink of an eye.

  • Whole hard-boiled eggs: if you need them complete, once cooked, let them cool completely in cold water. It then peels from the tip, the weakest point that can “drag” away the rest without difficulty.
  • Sliced ​​hard-boiled eggs: if you don’t need them whole in the recipe, let them cool completely and then cut them in half sharply with a flat-blade knife. Now use a teaspoon to scoop out both halves of the contents.


Whether you need to prepare a lunch, an evening with friends or organize your lunch box to take to the office, I have the recipes for you:

  • In the recipe for baked pasta, made to perfection according to the tradition in the south, hard-boiled eggs cannot fail to enrich this goodness, as well as in Carnival lasagna

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