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How to make powdered sugar?

What Is Sugar And Its Uses?

How to make powdered sugar? Sugar is carbohydrates that our body converts into starch and glucose and uses to get energy. The amount of sugar depends on our health. More sugar is unhealthy for us.  There are different types of sugar like brown sugar, cane sugar, coconut sugar etc.

Type Of Sugar Available Easily: 

i) Natural sugar: 

It is found in fruits and dairy products like milk, cream etc. It plays a vital role in preventing and curing cancer disease because it provides essential nutrients that help cure diseases and keep us healthy.

ii) Refined sugar: 

It is made from cane sugar or beet sugar. So, it is full of sucrose which is a combination of fructose and glucose. It is used to sweeten cakes, cookies, cereals, coffee and tea. Food manufacturers use this chemically made sugar in fruits, flavoured sugar, cookies, cake and fruit pies, fruit sauces and salad dressing. It is unhealthy for us, but manufacturers used it to add flavour. 

iii) Brown sugar 

It has slightly more essential nutrients than white sugar. It is a sucrose sugar and has a brown colour due to the presence of molasses. This is partially or unrefined sugar due to the presence of molasses particles. It may be natural, raw or whole cane sugar.

What are powdered sugars?

Powdered sugar is also called icing sugars and confectioners sugars.  But I like to call it powdered sugar. My mom makes the best soft cakes with powdered sugars.  Powdered sugars do not have a good reputation because it produces with refined sugars and then mixed with cornstarch to prevent caking.  Plain white sugars make the best and fluffiest powdered sugar without any cornstarch. You can also use coconut sugar. Coconut sugars contain minerals like iron and zinc, not found in plain white or regular sugar.

Uses of powdered sugars make powdered sugar?

Powdered sugar uses in many desserts. Here are some delicious ways to use powdered sugar. 

  • Blueberry maple cake 
  • Teacakes 
  • Citrus olive oil cake 
  • Fresh fruit cakes 
  • Classic cream frosting 
  • Gingerbread cookies 
  • Milk cookies 
  • Pumpkin pie 
  • Ice creams 
  • Fruit pies 
  • Smoothies and shakes.
  • Jellies and jams 
  • Cocktails  

The nutrient value of make powdered sugar

Powdered sugar is an excellent source of minerals, zinc, carbohydrates and essential nutrients necessary for the human body. Excess carbohydrates present in powdered sugar stores in our bodies for later use when energy is unavailable. Moreover, other fats and proteins that are present in powdered sugars work as fuel in our bodies. It plays a vital role in food processing. 

How to make powdered sugar

Today I am sharing a straightforward process of making your powdered sugars. It takes a few minutes to get ready. You need a food processor or blender. One cup of granulated sugars makes approximately two cups of powdered sugars. Let’s make it. 

1. Take one cup of granulated sugar and put it into a food processor or blender, whatever you are using. 

2. Blend it for approximately 5 minutes until it becomes a smooth and fluffy texture. More refined sugars make the fluffiest powdered sugars. 

3. Now your powdered sugar is ready. Please keep it in an airtight jar and use it whenever you want.  


Use the labelled vegan sugar because it is not filtered through bone char.

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