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How to make a cup of coffee?

The subject of coffee is diehard. I’ve drunk a lot of coffee in various brand shops and various styles. Last year, Metro bought a Melaleuca drip-coffee machine, but I always feel that the coffee made with milk, syrup or nothing, tastes not as good as the one purchased at the coffee shop, and sometimes even feels not as good as instant coffee and now we read How to make a cup of coffee? Now costa coffee beans, Starbucks hazelnut syrup, Godiva cocoa powder, milk, yogurt, and other raw materials. How should I make a cup of coffee?

The subject’s question is not particularly clear. As a coffee diehard, do you like coffee-based espresso in coffee shops (such as cappuccino, latte, and mocha available in every store), or do you want drip coffee (such as Starbucks’ Black Selection of the Week) Coffee)?

How to make a cup of  Cappuccino at Home

If you want to make a cup of cappuccino at home, then choosing a drip coffee machine for one or two hundred yuan will go the wrong way at the beginning (and what the hell is yogurt). What you need is espresso + whole milk (+ other messy syrup chocolate).

  1. For espresso production, if the budget is more and convenient, you can consider Nestlé’s capsule coffee machine with coffee capsules. To put it simply, Nestlé’s machines have two brands:
  2. The advantage of the relatively low-end dolce gusto (about RMB 900) is that the price is relatively affordable, and it is very convenient to make a basic cappuccino. The disadvantage is that the machine is relatively low-end, and the range of coffee choices is small.
  3. The advantage of relatively expensive Nespresso (above 1500 RMB) is that there are many choices of espresso base, and the quality of coffee is comparable to some popular coffee shops. Still, the disadvantage is that it is expensive.
  4. If your budget is relatively limited, you have higher requirements for the type of coffee, and you want to experience the fun of coffee making, you can consider a lower-end semi-automatic espresso machine (the more expensive Delong and the relatively cheap Tsann Kuen) plus Relatively fresh coffee powder makes the base for espresso coffee. At the same time, these machines will come with relatively inexpensive steam nozzles, which can make the most basic milk froth.

The quality of the coffee powder is uneven, it is easy to expire, and the rate of the machine is also variable, which may require multiple attempts. If you need to be fresh, you also need a better-quality grinder.

Coffee Machines

  1. Delonghi semi-automatic espresso machine (price is about 1,000 yuan)
  2. Tsann Kuen (EUPA) espresso machine (price is about 250 yuan)
  3. Local tyrant’s choice: fully automatic (including automatic milk froth) coffee machine

Italy Delonghi ESAM4500.S automatic coffee machine (price is about 10,000 yuan), no need to consider the milk foam, no need to consider whether the coffee powder is fresh or not, buy a bag of coffee beans a month and throw it in and pour a bottle of milk. The coffee beans are of decent quality, and the coffee will not taste worse than the chain stores. Local tyrants, please feel free to.

  1. The choice of super local tyrants: La Marzocco Commercial commercial coffee machine Strada EP (the price is only 100,000 yuan)

It needs to be used with a grinder above 5,000 yuan and a professional barista.

If the requirements are relatively low, you can choose the single first payment, which only costs about 50,000 yuan.

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