How to delete Instagram Account?

How to delete Instagram Account?

People want to delete their Instagram account for several reasons because they are fed up with using it well they don’t need to it’s just an enjoyable app, or because they want to start up with a new Id, or maybe they want to take a little break, whatever is the reason or whether they wish to delete it temporarily, or permanently, we will guide you about both methods; How to delete your Instagram account temporarily? And how to delete it permanently? So let’s start with the first one.

How to delete an Instagram account temporarily:

When you delete your Instagram account just for a short time or just for temporarily taking yourself away from Instagram, your profile, your photographs, likes, and remarks get concealed until you reactivate it by logging in again. None of your data gets lost. So, you need to follow the following steps to delete your Instagram account temporarily;

  1. Keep that in mind that you cannot disable your account from the Instagram app. So, you need to search from a mobile browser and then log in to your I’d from there, and if it is already logged in, you can start the next process.
  2. Go to your profile picture and then tap edit profile. You will see an option there while searching Temporarily disable the account.
  3. Tap this option, and then you will see several options that you want to disable your account. Select one of the options and re-enter your password. If you do not select any of the votes, you will not be able to delete your account.
  4. Once you have done both of these things, you will see again; Temporarily disable my account. Tap it, and your account will be temporarily disabled. But don’t worry whenever you want; you can log in to it again.

How to delete an Instagram account permanently:

When you make a plan of permanently deleting your account, keep some things in mind that all of your data, photographs, views and comments will get permanently deleted, and you will not be able to recover them again, so it’s better to take a copy of it before deleting your account permanently.

So, you will have to follow the following steps to get your Instagram account deleted permanently;

  1. Once again, you can’t Delete your account permanently from the Instagram app. So you need to log in first in the mobile browser.
  2. Then press deletes my account from a mobile browser and tap it.
  3. Then select why you want to delete your account permanently and re-enter your password. You will not be able to delete your account without selecting the option and re-entering your password.
  4. Now you will see the option; delete my account permanently.

Tap Delete. And your account will get permanently deleted. Now you can’t log in to this account again, and all your data on the performance will get removed; so if you want to take a break, it’s better tomorrow to delete your account temporarily than delete it permanently. But if you want to delete it permanently and want to make a new account, it’s better to go with the latter one the choice is yours.

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