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How to clean oven?

If you have just bought a new oven , you should know that it is strongly recommended to clean its compartment and its accessories before using them for the first time.

It doesn’t matter the model: before turning it on, wash all its accessories with god specific detergents or with soapy water and use a damp cloth to clean its inner surface.

If you also want to remove the classic “new smell” of your appliance, you need to heat the empty oven to the maximum after cleaning it, keeping its door closed. When about 30 minutes have passed, you can turn it off and then start its first actual use at any time.

How to clean the oven quickly

The quickest and most functional way to clean your oven is to do it after each use . In this way, you will prevent stains, drips and encrustations from accumulating and fortifying. Just clean the compartment and the accessories used from time to time and the game will be done: deep cleaning will no longer be so feared and you will not have to work too hard to keep your appliance clean.

There are many possible remedies. If there are no particular encrustations or stains, you can wipe the surfaces with a damp sponge with a bit of degreaser. Or use a mixture of water, salt and bicarbonate to distribute in the compartment and leave for about an hour before rinsing with a damp sponge.

Another solution is to use dish soap . You can dilute a part of it in a container of water and use a soft cloth to sprinkle it on the walls, the grills and the drip pan. Leave it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off with the damp cloth.

Even the ‘ white vinegar is an excellent ally for a quick but thorough cleaning , especially in the case of a greased oven .

Many ovens are also equipped with self-cleaning systems: perfect for everyday cleaning, without much effort. THE NEFF ovens have a pyrolytic self – cleaning system , which, if activated, automatically eliminates all traces of dirt after use. Just wipe with a cloth at the end to remove the residues!

How to clean the oven glass

If your goal is to make the glass of the oven shine , you will be amazed to find that a simple degreaser for dishwashing liquid and baking soda can suffice.

Sometimes the glass of your appliance appears greasy and sticky, even after just one use. In addition to being extremely unsightly, it is harmful to hygiene and cooking of food.

Combine baking soda with some dish soap and coat the inner glass with this mixture. Let the mixture work for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how dirty it is. Then remove it with a damp cloth and clean carefully without leaving any detergent residues , also removing any encrustations. The result will surprise you!

How to clean the encrusted ovens

Do you have to fight some difficult encrustations? It’s definitely not a fun battle, but you can rely on particular products or foolproof natural methods .

Sodium bicarbonate is proving an effective remedy to combat the problematic fouling.

Prepare a mixture of about 10 tablespoons of baking soda and 6 of water and distribute it with a cloth or sponge on all the internal surfaces of the oven, after having slightly heated it. You can also add some salt to increase the effectiveness. Then just let the foam act for a few hours (you can also let it go all night) and, subsequently, rub the mixture away and clean everything with a sponge and warm water.

Bicarbonate is also effective against the formation of mold!

How to clean the ovens coil

Washing the upper heating element of the oven is not always easy. And it is there that the worst fats and encrustations often accumulate. In fact. It is good to deal with them periodically, to avoid situations that are too difficult to solve.

To remove the dirt on the coil. You can insert a pan with hot water in the oven and turn on the appliance. Bringing the water to a boil. Its steam will soften stains and encrustations and you can pass a sponge soaked in water and lemon on top to remove the dirt more easily.

Remember that all NEFF ovens are equipped with the EasyClean cleaning program : an aid for cleaning the oven. Add a glass of water with a drop of washing up liquid on the bottom of the stove, activate the program and you’re done. The residues , made softer by humidity and heat, are easier to remove , on all the walls of the oven.

Another solution is to combine salt and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Creating a mixture to be passed over the resistance with the help of a kitchen brush. To rinse , you can use a spray bottle containing only water and a damp sponge. Then turn on the oven, selecting the grill function. And the top part will dry quickly.

How to remove limescale from the oven

If your oven has limescale deposits. It is better to prefer to purchase specific products, be used with caution, without abusing them.

In any case, prevention is always better than cure. Take care of your oven day after day and cook after cooking. Also, activate the self-cleaning system when it is present to avoid resorting to extreme remedies and excessive fatigue.

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