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How to become a physician assistant?

No vacant apprenticeship positions for you? You can find more jobs under the official title of a medical specialist! In this article, we read about How to become a physician assistant?

Have you admired the friendly staff on site for their excellent organization in each of your previous doctor visits? With every appointment, patient admission, and injection is given, were you amazed that the same person did this? Training as a doctor’s assistant gives you exactly these all-around skills and prepares you for the daily chaos in a doctor’s practice. You are not afraid of contact with other people, you cannot suffer from being late for yourself or others, and if you have to see blood in an emergency, you will not feel sick straight away. Are you always on your toes, love varied tasks, and do you enjoy doing something for others? Then enter an important date – your future needs to be treated like a prince as soon as possible!

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Of course, medical assistants are primarily trained in medical practices, but various medical clinics are also a frequent location for medical assistants. So if you choose this profession, you will find yourself more likely in different rooms and less likely to be out in the great outdoors.

As a doctor’s assistant, your everyday life needs to know that you will be confronted with a wide variety of things and that there will only be a simple routine in a few areas. At any given time, you have to expect a wide variety of people. Regardless of whether they are female or male, young or old: The patients come with a wide variety of concerns and symptoms and expect you to take care of them as much as you can.

First things first: There has been no real training to become a doctor’s assistant since 2006. The apprenticeship is now called “Medical Specialist,” You can find information about it with us.

Regardless of whether you are interested in training to become a medical assistant or a medical assistant:

 The requirements for you have not changed fundamentally in the meantime. You should have already achieved good results in the subjects of biology and chemistry at school. As you will also have to take on responsibility for the medical care of a patient in your last job, and work experience in laboratory-like environments is an advantage in this job. Since you are also responsible for accounting for all kinds and forms of correspondence, you shouldn’t be at war with math and use perfect spelling. In addition, as in any job: The computer will be one of your daily tools, so you should be able to use it.

In your training to become a medical assistant. You will learn from day one how to deal with a wide variety of patient traits properly. You will be taught to maintain patient data, keep examination rooms sterile. Treat wounds, and of course, the necessary “paperwork”. Such as writing an invoice or filling out a prescription correctly.

After completing your vocational training, you have the chance to work in any area of ​​health care. Most of all, you will probably apply to hospitals or doctors‘ offices. To improve your luck in the competitive job market. There are, of course, still a few options open to you for further training. So you can either specialize in a subject such as hygiene measures. Accounting, or medical assistance or have the apprenticeship recognized. As a possible waiting semester for a later study of medicine.

You should become a medical assistant if …

  • you have a friendly demeanor and cannot be disturbed by anything.
  • Your friends would consider you well organized.
  • You are helpful and wanted to provide medical care to all your friends and relatives even as a child.

Under no circumstances should you become a medical assistant. If

  • you can’t see blood,
  • so, you cannot stay calm in stressful situations.
  • You can’t hide hard fates so easily.
  • The doctor’s assistant quiz


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