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Difference between rural and urban

Life in urban and rural areas is very different and different from each other. It is very tough for urban people to live in rural areas. The people, facilities, services, and many more aspects differ from each other. Let us rush to the significant differences between these:

Rural VS Urban


Rural areas are the ones that often strive hard for the issue of transportation. There is an extreme lack of transport, which is the main reason rural people cannot come out from these areas. Especially in case of an emergency such as health situations, they deprive of the rationale of transportation. 

However, there is plenty of transportation in the urban areas to move to different locations with ease. Indeed, there is a vast variety of transportation in urban areas, and one can enjoy moving to the desired destination whenever one wants.


The accessibility to information, technology, and various other services are exceptionally high in urban areas. People can get the facility with the assistance of their smartphones. They can avail of the services through a few taps only. 

Information and technology are much more common in urban areas, and even kids can have better access to them. However, contrary to this, access to services, information, and technology quite limit. Indeed, many rural areas are deprived of necessities such as proper water, gas, and others. 


The environment of the rural areas is quite open and fresh. One can relish taking a breath in pure air. However, in the case of urban areas, the environment is much more polluted. Here, the trees and plants limit as compared to the rural areas. 

Rural areas flood with enormous greenery and a high level of oxygen. However, there is massive deforestation in urban areas for the construction of different types of buildings, plazas, and much more. Hence, the natural habitat of the plants and animals is also destroyed. There are massive built-in numbers while the trees are minimal as compared to rural areas. Hence, the environment of the rural areas considers being better than the urban environment. 

Schools and Hospitals: Difference between rural and urban 

Both hospitals and schools known to be the basic needs of human beings. The students must go to school to equip themselves with better knowledge and quality education. The rural area often deprives of schools. 

However, if rural areas have had schools, then the number of school quite limit compared to urban areas. Hospitals are rarely found in rural areas. However, it could have hardly had one of two hospitals where the staff and equipment are limited. Moreover, it is located much farther from the actual population. 

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Internet and Electricity

Internet and electricity are pretty standard in urban areas and have become the necessity of the urban population. However, there are plenty of rural areas that do not know what the internet is. Electricity is often not available to rural areas. The supply remains interrupted, and hence the rural population becomes used to such things. When the government takes steps for rural areas, then they get betterment in services.



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